Joe Luca, REALTOR® – Who Is He?

Joe Luca, is a REALTOR®, Father, REALTOR® Leader, Church Volunteer, Passionate Political Observer, Avid Reader (Fiction and non-Fiction,) Occasional Poetry Writer, Fan of Most Musical Genres, and kind of a “nerd”.

I was raised in a small family that owned small businesses; so I understand and appreciate  “The Plight of The Little Guy” when it comes to business. Vacations. were sparse and very appreciated…I first went to Disney as an adult.  We didn’t want for anything, but we strove to “do better” financially and make more of ourselves. Suffice it to say that entrepreneurialism was ingrained in my immediate family and that of most of my cousins.  

Education was also valued and it was ingrained in us to always “try hard” and learn; “A’s open doors and B’s close doors.” While my father had an Associates Degree, my mother had her Master’s and eventually PhD. 

My professional career took me from a national commercial bank (>$160,000,000 of accounts) to a pit stop in the family business, to real estate. Real Estate is a professional passion so I love what I do. There are lots of great REALTORS® and I am Blessed to work with several at my office and in my Leadership capacity at the RI Association of REALTORS® (RIAR) and The National Association of  REALTORS® (NAR).. They make me a better REALTOR® and my clients benefit. Every week I learn something from my colleagues whether in a classroom/training setting or not.

Communication is important to me, so I believe it is the job of the Speaker to use language and verbiage that the Listener can understand and remember. Technical jargon is not always the best option.  Consequently, when writing my blog (www.,) or hosting my weekly radio show (The Joe Luca Real Estate Show Tusesdays 6-7:00 PM on WNRI 99.1 & 95.1 FM, 1380 AM, and Facebook Live) my goal is to be understood by my audience and inform them about relevant real estate issues.  Impressing my audience with big words and technical jargon so I seem “smart” would be counter-productive.

My main goal is to educate the consumer about real estate so that they will be an informed participant in the largest financial transaction of their life.  My secondary goal is that if the consumer does not feel comfortable with any aspect of their transaction that they have the presence-of-mind to ask questions until they are comfortable. I don’t want any consumer to experience “buyer’s remorse” when they participate in the American Dream of Home-Ownership.