Do You Want The Peaceful Overthrow Of Our Government?

Cheering on my training buddies for the IronMan in Providence

The First Tuesday After The First Monday Of November is this week. Federal Elections in the United States are an opportunity for the peaceful overthrow of our government. If we aren’t happy with things we can make a sweeping change and put new people in charge of our government. Do you think they can do that in Venezuela? or China? or North Korea? or even Cuba? No, they cannot. These can wine and dine with Hollywood elite like Oliver Stone and Sean Penn but their citizens do not have free elections. In fact, their citizens are routinely put in jail or killed for making statements about their government like those made by Messrs. Stone and Penn.

An fact of much concern in our country is jobs. Or lack of them. Currently, unemployment has been at or above 9.5% for fourteen months. This is the longest stretch since the Great Depression. How does that make you feel?

Our national jobs crisis is actually more dire when factoring in the part-time workers who want full time work, the under-employed, and those who have “given up” looking for full time employment. When these groups are included the unemployment rate is reportedly approaching 20% for those making under $75,000.

So, what needs to be done to get people working? My Conservative friends and colleagues believe we need to cut taxes to everyone. Then people can consume more goods (i.e.: spend more money) so businesses will invest in new technologies, or expand, and then will increase their payroll. My Liberal friends and colleagues believe we need to increase government spending via job training programs, which would retrain workers, and government sponsored construction projects which would provide jobs while improving our deteriorating infrastructure. Do you agree with my Liberal friends or my Conservative friends? In two days you can have your voice, and your opinion, be heard this election season.

Peaceful overthrow of our government or a rubber stamp to “stay the course”? Clearly there is quite a bit at stake; President Obama has been out trying to energize his “Base” while Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney, and others from the Right have been doing the same. It will be interesting to see which side is more energized and who is crying in their beer and who celebrating on Wednesday morning after (presumably) all the election returns are in.

Let us not forget, many young men and women have given their lives and limbs so that we can have the right to vote and maintain our American lifestyle. This is our ONLY VOICE in how our governance is conducted; so let your voice be heard loud and clear.

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